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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  March 28, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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president obama's latest efforts to get the american people behind if mission in libya. hello again, i'm don scott. >> and i'm jessica kartalija. here's what people are talking about today. here's the report from wjz. this comes as forces are helping the rebels perform headway. >> reporter: rebels are setting up check points outside of qaddafi's hometown. they reached the strong hold on the road to tripoli after sweeping across 200 miles of the coast. coalition forces made the advance possible. missiles from jets and ships are striking the air defenses and ground forces. the u.s. is getting ready
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titrant for -- transfer the leadership to nato. >> nato is ready and able and is going to take on. >> reporter: that could help president obama reassure american that is the u.s. role in libya is limited when he addresses the nation tonight. >> reporter: the white house is facing criticism for not consulting congress before getting involved. >> this policy is characterised by confusion and delay. it's no wonder why americans are confused. >> reporter: the top security officials tried to clear up the confusion and they didn't lay out a strategy and say how long the military mission would last. >> the military mission is limited and strictly to the no fly zone and for humanitarian purposes. >> reporter: tonight, president obama will reiterate that the mission is to protect civilians.
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he's said before, qaddafi needs to go. >> reporter: and you can watch the president's address to the nation here on wjz-13. it's scheduled to start at 7:30. new pools of radioactive water are discovered outside of the crippled plant in japan. it has radiation 10,000 levels highier than normal. the crisis has also contaminated food and forested evacuations around the area. the u.s. government confirms small amounts of radiation made its way here to america. derek valcourt has more. good afternoon, derek. >> reporter: we're talking about small amounts of radiation here. the levels are so mall, the state and federal officials are urging people not to worry about it.
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>> reporter: it's a long trip to the plant in japan, but some radiation made it. sunday, the officials announced a radioactive form of iodine is detected in rain water in pennsylvania and massachusetts. the epa says that those rain water levels are 25 times below the levels of cop certain -- concerns. >> it's much less still than a plane flight, particularly if you go and have an x-ray, that's highier radiation. >> reporter: tests of rain water in maryland show there's no radiation. this plant has detected small amounts of radiation. sensors in charlottesville, virginia detected radioactivity. >> very small levels, just traces of radiation.
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>> reporter: last week, the government moved more monitoring stations to the west coast in an effort to reassure people in california there's no threat. plastic filters tell the scientists what's floating in the air. they monitor the readings and so far, the levels detected there are perfectly safe. >> reporter: state health officials will continue routine testing. they're holding a press conference later on this afternoon. we'll have an update tonight. >> derek, thank you. as part of the continuing communitiy commitment, you can help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami. text red cross and to make a ten dollar donation, go to their website or call. new on wjz this noon.
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the ceo of the baltimore city school system is not going anywhere. there's been speculation that alonso would leave for a job in chicago. his chief of staff stated he will remain here in baltimore. he came to the city in 2011. more than a dozen employees aren't at work today. they're accused of drinking and gambling on the job. ron matz has the latest. >> reporter: well, hi, don. 13 transportation employees were caught drinking and gambling on the job. they would meet twice a month at the building where they work. a dot spokesperson says they're part of a festival years unit. supervidsers or at the parties
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and it's not clear if they were aware of the gambling. they're all suspended without pay. several also have criminal records. the baltimore sun is reporting they're running background checks on all of the workers. also, a 17-year-old was found shot and killed near his home this weekend. the teen was found dead inside of a car. another teen was shot in the arm and so far, no arrests have been made. a final good-bye for a marine from westminster killed while serving in afghanistan. the funeral services will be held in manchester for this staff's sergeant. he died when a roadside bomb exploded. he'll be buried at arlington national cemetery later on. a chilly start to the new workweek. it doesn't feel like the second week of spring.
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it's a mostly cloudy start to your afternoon. and we're live with the weather coverage for you. marty bass is in the chilly out back and bernadette woods is over in the weather center. good afternoon, don and everyone out there. we'll start with first warning doppler weather radar. i want to show you, we have another storm passing to the south. it's close enough that we're getting the clouds. we had the morning sunshine and clouds are dragging drought the area. you may get a sprinkle out of this. the chances are small. they'll be exiting us. 37degrees is all we have. this is an interesting part of the story, for more we'll send it to marty. good afternoon, everyone. between one loaded shower offshore and the next low is settling in, we have a mixed master effect.
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it's going to be chilly. this is over the next five days. march came in like a lamb and going out the same. it's cold though. when will it feel like spring? we'll have more in the first warning weather segment. we'll throw it back inside. >> mda is planning a hike through the toll tunnels since more money is needed to maintain the roads. you can soon have your favorite wine shipped to you from your favorite winery. the final could come season. the spokesman for the governor
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says he'll sign the measure. maryland could join 37 other states and washington, d.c. where it's legal to ship wine. only two more chances to win before the season begins. buck showalter kept an eye on the squad. the o's beat the red sox 4-3 in this one as they wrap up the ed yule tomorrow. they'll wrap up the season in tampa and the bird's homeowner is one week from today. you can see all of the action on wjz-13. a special live coverage starts 12:00 next monday afternoon. i'm excited! >> i think everyone's excited about this season. >> i'm thinking positively for these guys. >> well, still to come at noon, clothing controversy. a new store aimed at young girls has many up at arms.
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and a local snake is causing problem. and your forecast is also coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the supreme court will hear an argument against wal-mart. they want to block a lawsuit from becoming a class action suit. a group of employees that are women said they were passed over for pay raises. the company insists these are isolated cases. a patterned swim suit top has many parents out raged. the push up bikinis are in the abercrombie kids. many parents say it's too sexy for children. abercrombie & fitch says they removed the words push up. the rescue of three stranded skiiers is caught on
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camera. they slid along a 1000-foot drop and the snow gave way beneath them. they were all rescued alive. one of the skiers was buried in the snow. he later died at a hospital. a poisonous snake is causing concern. over the weekend, a cobra was discovered missing at the bronx zoo. now, the reptile house is shut down. they're confident that the snake has isolated itself in an area of the building not over to the public and will come out when it's hungry. still ahead on wjz-13 eyewitness news at noon. take another live look at noon and stick around. your forecast is coming up. first, let's take a look at today's midday stocks. ,,,,,,,
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welcome back, everyone. well, the clouds are coming after morning sunshine. the storm passed to the south. we had clear skies earlier today. as we moved throughout the afternoon, you can see that passing to the south. that's with the storm system and a few showers are happening further south. temperatures are climbing. that would be in the form of rain showers. that's a little bit of a stretch here. winds out of the northwest bringing in dryer and cooler air. it's only 37 degrees in
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baltimore. 40 in d.c.. we've gotten to 40 degrees and 43 at the ocean. the cooler air is going to continue as we remain in the weather pattern. at the same time, the storms are also going to continue. we have one to the south west now. that's going to move our way fairly soon. you can notice, we have a lot of blue on the map. as the storm moves our way, there's a fine line with this one, too. we could see a little bit of wintry weather mixed in. this could come in the form of rain. another one is friday and it could bring us more stormy weather into the week. all the while, we'll make way for the highs. we'll get up to 48 for the high. our average is about 58 degrees. that's ten degrees below storm, we'll have more sunshine and warm up to 50 degrees.
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that's way below the average as we're rounding out march and april. it looks like the weather pattern will continue for a while. we'll have the five day coming up. >> on your birthday, it was sunny and gorgeous. i should have been a meteorologist. >> i was thinking that was good for you >> well, that was nice. >> well, thank you. still to come at noon, many parents are turning to alternative remedies to treat their children. do they actually work. and we're always on for you. here are the stories we're following on our website at this hour. for more information, go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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certain women with early stage balance may be wore -- breast cancer may be worried about the cancer returning. several are more likely to worry about it. african american women worry the least. the study indicates that worrying about cancer can complicate's someone's quality of life. alternative treatments of babies with colic don't seem to work. they showed promising signs,
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but not enough to prove they were successful. it affects up to 20% of american babies usually in the first few months of life. smoking may be harmful for those with diabetes. nicotine increased the risk of the disease. experts say for that reason, diabetics need to limit the use of nicotine patches also. check back in with us today at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. the key witness in the amanda knox case says she lied on the stand. also, how facebook and myspace can help and hurt your children. join us for more at 4:00. that's after dr. phil. stay with us, the five-day fofo,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's a cool one outside today. here's the look at the five days with marty. tomorrow, sunshine, 50. frankly, i think that the story is in the numbers, not the symbols. 8 below normal. 11 below normal. 9 below normal. by saturday, i guess that's closer to 60 degrees. it stays on the cool side this early spring. now, back inside.
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thank you very much, don't miss the prime time lineup. at 10:00, it's "hawaii five-o" and followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. be sure to stay tuned. i'm jessica kartalija. >> and happy birthday. >> thank you, have a great day, we'll see you back tonight. ,,
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